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A special App for you, from Cosmetic Images

Cosmetic Images is excited to announce the launch of the new App, Natural Look: beautiful at any age. The Natural Look App is a free App that helps you discover the possibilities to look your best. The App includes loads of fantastic education on what happens as we age, some helpful tips and advice and comprehensive information on all kinds of facial rejuvenation options.

Plus – there’s a great game ‘Older? Younger?’ where you can see photos of women of all ages and guess who’s younger. Learn and have fun – even challenge your friends via Facebook to play the game.iPhone AppQR Code

Download Today!

Use Password: cosmeticimages

We’d love you to download the Natural Look App and come in for a consultation to discuss your individual facial rejuvenation possibilities.

The Bio-Stimulating Filler approved by the PBS for severe Fat and Tissue Loss…


A Bio-stimulation filler manufactured by Sanofi-Aventis was approved recently by the PBS in Australia and the FDA in the United States for treatment of severe fat loss or Lipoatrophy in HIV positive patients.

This very same filler has been used cosmetically for 10 years in Australia already with excellent results. The stimulating granules are injected deep into tissue where thickening and volume is required at 3 monthly intervals once or twice. Over a period of 6 to 8 months it stimulates Neo-collagenesis growth of your own tissue creating volume lift, curves and tightening at all levels in the facial tissue.

The advantage of this natural new growth is that it is your tissue therefore it is natural, creates filling and tightening of the tissues which no other filler can do. The tightening is created by the growth of the protein fibres in the skin which naturally loosen and are not replaced adequately as we age.

In HIV patients severe loss of fatty tissue occurs due to the medication many patients are on and the bio-stimulation filler can help to restore this tissue over time leaving the patient more confident and healthy looking. The treatment is used in faces and hands.
This sort of Bio-stimulation treatment is very popular at Cosmetic Images as patients like the fact that it is natural; results occur slowly over time so are not as obvious and will last 2 to 3 years before retreatment is required.

For a full planning appointment regarding filler options, it is best to contact our bookings line on 08 9574 6852.

The new age of Wrinkle relaxation…

Crows feet before and after

Wrinkle relaxation is nothing new… BUT lifting jaw lines and faces using a bit of Wrinkle Relaxers may not be something you have heard of yet.

As we get older the power balance of the facial muscles shifts to cause the lower facial muscles to pull downwards more strongly than their upward pulling counterparts. In short, everything starts to head south due to gravity as I am sure some of you have noticed especially since 40. The depressor anguli oris muscles and platysmal bands dig deep into the tissue surrounding the mouth and along the jaw line creating the sad corners at the corners of the mouth or puppet lines and sagging at the jowl. Often “chicken legs” can also be seen on the neck. A bit of Wrinkle Relaxers can soften these muscles and equalize things again allowing the upper facial muscles to be able to do their work adequately. The result is a smoother jaw line, no chicken legs and face lifting.

This procedure, the Nefertiti lift, was taught to Sheri-lee and Gemma by the inventor himself, Philip Levy from New York and is fast becoming a routine procedure for many clients. Ask Sheri-lee or Gemma if you could benefit from this when next you’re in the clinic or book a review today.

Liposculpt Fat Reduction and Cellulite Treatments

Before LipoAfter Lipo

Fat and Cellulite Removal, Spot fat reduction, Increased Lymphatic drainage, Stomach rejuvenation, Limb reshaping…

We are so pleased to now be able to offer not only facial but body treatments as well. The Diamond Contours Biomesosculpture system creates a reduction of visible Fatty deposits, congestion and Cellulite anywhere on the face and body. The system reduces stagnation by increasing circulation and infusing botanical, herbal and homeopathic extracts into the skin and then fatty layers equivalent, in my opinion, to the medications we use in Lipodissolve and Lipolysis injections. This needleless state of the art treatment has been proven to reduce these fatty deposits on a permanent basis based on MRI studies taken on trial patients showing fat reduction after treatment. I was present during the monitoring of these trial patients by Dr Tan. The results impressed me so much we have incorporated Biomesosculpture in our premium clinic. We have also added the WBV to our body treatment programme to enhance our results by further increasing the circulation thereby allowing the body to expel more fat and the toxins causing cellulite. The WBV is an exercise method widely used in Europe shown to increase muscular strength, energy levels and anabolic hormones when used for only a few minutes. It requires little exertion compared with traditional exercise yet studies have shown similar gains in strength and fitness to conventional exercise. Our results are constantly amazing us and our patients.

Make an enquiry with us today and say goodbye to unwanted fatty areas or cellulite for good.

Chemical Peels

Chemicals Peels are also a popular skin treatment to achieve a smoother and fresher look with even skin tone. Glycolic acid peeling systems, were the best thing since slice bread for many years, smoothing out wrinkles and reducing pigmentation. However like with many good things, there are always a few draw backs. Down time and the risk of further pigmentation for some skins that were not suited for these kinds of peels.

  • At Cosmetic images we are always seeking the latest in science and product for our clients and we are happy to say, that we now have peels for every skin type and for every situation. These peels need little or no downtime and create fantastic results without the risks of yesteryear. L-Lactic Acid peels are more suited to our skin; therefore there is less trauma without compromise to the result we require.

BENEFITS from peels:

  • Enriched with vitamins
  • Enriched with antioxidants
  • Removing of dead cells
  • Increases hydration ability
  • Stimulates cellular turnover
  • Stimulates protein turnover
  • Helps Acne Scaring
  • Helps hyper-pigmentation
  • Helps wrinkles and fine lines

Cosmetic Images’ staff are all trained in our wide range of peels. Your skin problems are our business and we will assure that all our clients get the best we have to offer.
Call today on 08 9574 6852 for an appointment and ask about our specials.

Filling those Curves

Face Feeling flat? Want curves in all the right places?

Volumisation could be just what you need!

Allergan has a ‘big sister’ product to their previous success filler range developed for volumisation specifically. It helps volumise those areas that become flat over time and also helps rejuvenate facial lines and contours. Restoration of volume effectively ‘lifts’ the soft tissue, restoring its original high, youthful appearance.
Made from complex sugars that are already found in the body- it is thicker than the other fillers, therefore meaning it can last a lot longer! Clinical studies from Allergan show it can last up 12 to 18 months. Some practitioners in Europe who have been using this filler for a number of years find that they can get longer than that with clients with subsequent treatments.

Sheri-lee and Gemma have been using this Allergan volumiser for over 2 years now and have been getting fantastic results! There is also a new techniques used to inject this product, which can help reduce the chance of bruising. This filler can be used in many areas including: mid-face for cheek contouring, naso-labial fold (those lines than run from nose to corner of mouth), marionettes (lines from mouth to chin) and for jaw definition. It can also be used in conjunction with thinner filler products for full thickness correction in the skin.

This Allergan volumiser offers numerous benefits; its performed quickly, requires little down time and clients can return to work almost immediately after treatment. At Cosmetic Images we offer a number of different topical/ local anaesthetics to help make your treatment more pleasant. If you wish to use one of these, our helpful staff can arrange this as part of your treatment also.

If you have any queries please ask Sheri-lee or Gemma at your next appointment, or call the clinic to speak to one of the girls for more information.

Cosmetic Tattooing

Before and After

Have you ever thought about having makeup applied permanently? Brow, eyeliner, lip liner and even lipstick that doesn’t wash or wear off?

Cosmetic tattooing or micro- pigmentation as it is referred to, is one of the many specialised treatments performed here at Cosmetic Images.

Who would benefit from Cosmetic Tattooing?

Those suffering from…

  • Tired looking eyes
  • No eye brows
  • Sparse eyebrows
  • Uneven eye brows needing reshaping
  • Lip Liner definition loss
  • Thin Lips needing fullness
  • A tired Look and needing freshness
  • No time Make-up … have it on 24/7
Before and After
Before and After
Our tattoo technician, Evelyn, has many years of experience and is happy to give you a free consultation and answer any questions you may have . Call to make an appointment today on 08 9574 6852.